• Michael Bublé: “Mettetelo su, ‘To be loved’ è il mio disco più figo” – Adnkronos Spettacolo

    Michael Bublé: “Mettetelo su, ‘To be loved’ è il mio disco più figo” – Adnkronos Spettacolo.

    'To be loved', Michael Bublé

    Roma – (Adnkronos) – Quattro inediti e dieci cover del repertorio americano: è il sesto album da studio in uscita il 16 aprile. Il crooner canadese lo presenta alla stampa italiana. E ammette: “Sto per diventare padre ed è un momento molto felice della mia vita”

  • Michael Bublé: I wanted Adele duet – BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

    Michael Bublé: I wanted Adele duet – BelfastTelegraph.co.uk.



    Michael Bublé always knew Adele would be the “biggest singer in the world”.

    The Canadian crooner claims he has been friendly with the British singing sensation for years, even before she shot to worldwide fame. He has recalled how the pair were eager to get into the recording studio, but their plans for a duet were dashed due to conflicting schedules.

    “I am a huge fan of Adele. It’s funny because we used to email each other and talk about doing something together before her debut album 19 came out, but the timing wasn’t right,” he told British magazine Closer. “I can remember writing to her, saying, ‘I can’t wait for you to be the biggest singer in the world.’ She wrote back very simple and sweet. I was really happy to see it happen for her – she has an incredible talent.”

    Michael has friends all over the entertainment industry. He has recorded a song with Reese Witherspoon for his new album To Be Loved and also keeps in contact with One Direction.

    The singer admires the British boy band for remaining grounded despite their incredible success.

    “They’re really nice kids and it seems that even with all of this craziness that’s surrounded them they’ve somehow managed to stay really normal and fun,” he explained. “It’s [all] absolutely nuts, but I think they have good parents. When I talk to Niall, he’ll still say, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me,’ and I love that. I get excited for them and their potential and wonder how it’s going to go for them.”

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  • Michael Buble more concerned with family | Contactmusic.com

    Michael Buble more concerned with family | Contactmusic.com.


    Singer Michael Buble has revealed his priorities have switched focus since his wife Luisana Lopilato became pregnant with their first child.

    Michael Buble more concerned with family

    Michael Buble’s priorities have changed with his wife getting pregnant.

    The 37-year-old singer’s wife Luisana Lopilato is pregnant with the couple’s first a child – a boy, due in July – and the star revealed he isn’t worrying about whether his new album ‘To Be Loved’ sells well enough to continue his success.

    He told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper’s Seven magazine: ”Do you know what’s weird? That’s not happening, that insecurity. Everything has changed. It’s all changed because of the baby.

    ”I’m having a difficult time doing these interviews. I’m proud of this record, it’s a beautiful record, possibly my best record. It’s different and I was brave but being brave stemmed from not caring. That sounds cold but I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

    Whereas the ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ crooner knows the importance of touring to support his music, he also knows ticket and album sales aren’t all there is to life, with marriage and parenthood replacing them as his focus.

    He said: ”When my manager says, ‘I wonder if we’re going to sell two million or eight million’, I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, either is a great bonus, but let’s hope my wife is healthy and my kid is healthy’.

    ”I’m 37 years old and I’m starting to think, what’s it all about? It surely isn’t about how many records I can sell or how many stadiums I can fill.

    ”My perspective has definitely changed. I have no drama to tell you about. I wish I could say these songs came from misery or heartbreak.”